Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Additional opening hours on event nights or weekends with events at Uber Platz.

Our concept
Fast but high-quality dining experience

Located in the vibrant heart of Friedrichshain, the restaurant offers a fast but high-quality dining experience. 800° Four Bites emphasizes quality and freshness, ideal for small and large appetites. Experience how fast food is redefined in terms of quality and taste.

Our cuisine
Fresh, quick and delicious

The bowls, a harmonious mix of fresh, vegetarian ingredients or hand-cut steaks, grilled at 800°, are the perfect lunch for hectic everyday life. At "800° Four Bites" you create your lunch highlight: fresh, quick and delicious. The salad bar offers a variety of fresh ingredients that you can combine to your heart's content. And for those who like it in a classical way: fries and burgers will also delight your taste buds.

Lunch offers between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Cold Bowls:
Small salad 3.90 EUR

Large salad 5.90 EUR

Hot Bowls:
Veggie bowl (vegan smashed sweet potatoes, wild herbs grilled vegetables) 7.90 EUR
Steak bowl (200 gramms pre-cutted steak, variants of mashed potatoes: regular, sweet mashed potatoes or with truffel, grilled vegetables, salad of wild herbs) 11.90 EUR

Burger or Veggie Burger
Burger incl. drinks 9.90 EUR
Burger incl. fries and drink: 11.90 EUR