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Our concept

“There is no man under the sun as fortunate as I." These are Hans’ words after exchanging, one by one, his valuable possessions for less precious ones on his journey – his lump of gold for a horse, the horse for a cow, the cow for a pig and so on. In the end, Hans is without material fortune, yet enjoys the bliss of sincere felicity. Daily fresh ingredients and best quality – at HANS IM GLÜCK, you will find everything you've ever wanted from a perfect burger.

Our cuisine
Burgers to make you happy

We know a thing or two about burgers here in Berlin. We know that burgers can make you happy. And enjoying one of those delicious, juicy burger creations in a truly natural setting, amidst real birch trunks, is what true happiness feels and tastes like. Our creations include burgers with grilled beef, tender chicken, vegetarian or vegan patties and various toppings such as avocado, goat cheese and fig sauce. Fresh salads, homemade soft drinks and cocktails as well as lunch and dinners specials complete our menu.